Rhubarbe de plein champ

Rhubarbe de plein champ :

Rasperry honey poached

Mead ice cream

For the mead ice cream:

  • 870g whole milk
  • 120gr cream
  • 250gr egg yolk
  • 100gr honey
  • 300gr mascarpone
  • 500gr mead

Boil the milk, the cream and the mascarpone with the honey.

Pour the boiling liquid on the eggs and cook like a custard

Add mead and passing in ice cream maker, and the booked in the freezer.

For the poached rhubarb

Make a syrup with 100g of water and 30g of raspberry honey

Peel and portioned pieces of rhubarb then poached in syrup.


To serve

Polish each piece of rhubarb with raspberry honey

Place them on a small shortbread biscuit.

Place this assembly on the left of the plate with a scoop of ice right, garnish with a few fresh raspberries.


Photos credits : Arnaud Dauphin