Apidis, a family business

APIDIS SAS (Apiculture Production Innovation Distribution) is a family business specializing in the production, packaging and marketing of honey selection, products from the hive and honey products.

It employs 49 people and has an annual turnover of over 15 million euros.

With 30 to 60,000 workers by hive and 4000 hives with 1000 for organic production, Gabriel Perronneau laughingly said to be “the largest employer in France!” Anyway APIDIS is one of the largest honey producers in France with 200 300 tonnes per year.

The golden rule in APIDIS is the constant search for quality and respect for traditions. These precepts explains the growing success of the company.



1st generation

In 1890 Mr Philippe Péchinot itinerant distiller launches into beekeeping with a hundred hives.


2nd generation

30 years later, her daughter and son Gabriel PERRONNEAU take up the torch, bought a farm of 300 hives to enlarge the herd. Therefore they will not cease to develop it to reach 1,500 hives when passing the torch to PERRONNEAU Gabriel second name in the 60s.


3rd génération

Gabriel PERRONNEAU and his wife Madeleine,

Double the herd

Organize and develop honey transhumance (migratory beekeeping) in many regions of France for the production of honey with different regional research the best “terroirs”,

Settle their children in the profession,

Develop a range of honey products.


4th generation

1995 with their seven children, they create APIDIS (Apiculture Production Innovation Distribution).

The son, Gabriel (3rd of name) is responsible for the production.

Today, PERRONNEAU family leads a herd of more than 4000 pastoral hives  including 3,000 traditional production and about 1 thousand in organic production.

APIDIS SA is among the largest producers of french honey and  with the production of a hundred other partners beekeepers it’s more than 1000 tons of honey it offers its customers and:

Royal jelly, pollen of flowers and honey products (such as confectionery, jams, mustard, gingerbread).


5th generation

Thomas & Gabriel represents the 5th generation and make it a point of honor to expand the frontiers and to taste the products APIDIS the world!